About Cherish

"Goofy" and "Nicest person I know" are the two ways that I have heard people use most often to describe me. My name is Cherish Shantale Harris and I'm 26 years old, having been born on December 7, 1986. I originated from a wonderful family. I grew up living with my dad, Ira Harris, who adopted me at the tender age of 1, my mom, Stephanie, who is my best friend, and two younger brothers- Bradly, 23 and Justin, 21. Also a part of my circle of family are my half brother, Michael, 24, and Shyreesa, 21. In September 2008, I was blessed with my first nephew, the most perfect baby boy on the planet, Cadyn Michael. And in December 2010, I found out that I was an aunt to the most perfect baby girl on the planet, Keynlee Shae. These two babies light up my world. To Cadyn, I'm "Aunt Cher Cher" and to Keynlee, I'm "Aunt Sissy." I was also born into a family with wonderful grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. We are all very close. As you can tell from the beginning of this bio, family means the world to me. 


Aside from spending time with my family, I hold an Associate's Degree in Allied Health from Carl Albert State College and a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Oklahoma. Currently, I work at Carl Albert State College as the Title III Activity Director and LOVE my job. On the side, I'm also the Phi Theta Kappa co-advisor, teach orientation classes, and sell Scentsy and Velata products. When not working or spending time with family, I enjoy traveling to see Kyle, of course, reading, and volunteering for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).


I'm a Christian and thank God for every blessing that I have received in life. 

About Kyle

In Progress. Kyle is working on his bio.

How we met

In the summer of 2011, my cousin, Nick Ingram, sent me a text message and said basically this, "Hey, I have a friend who saw a picture of you on facebook and would like to talk to you." I responded telling Nick that he could give this friend, Kyle Gehret, my first and last name and tat he could add me on facebook if he wanted. Kyle added me as a friend, and I sent the first message thanking him for adding me. We swapped a message or two and that was it. I didn't really think of anything else of it. 


Fast forward a couple weeks and I was the maid of honor in my bestfriend, Martha Morehead's wedding, on June 25, 2011. It was a great experience, I loved being a part of her big day, and I caught the bouquet! Exciting stuff. The NEXT DAY (you can't make this stuff up), Kyle called me on the phone for the first time. Neither of us are big phone talkers, and we'd both become pretty picky about dating in our old age, so we were amazed at how long we talked and how well we got along. Kyle started calling and texting me often, and we talked A LOT, getting to know each other, in those first few weeks. 


In July 2011, my Aunt Joanie was heading to Jacksonville, NC (where Kyle lived) to help her son's wife move her things out of storage. She stayed the night at our house in Poteau the night before and the morning she was leaving, we all decided it would be fun if I tagged along to get to meet Kyle! So, Josh, Joanie and I took off on a 19 hour car ride. I told Kyle that I had wanted to go, but couldn't, so that I would have to wait a few months to meet him. I wanted it to be a surprise meeting. 19 hours, lots of coffee, and no sleep later, we were in Jacksonville. I went to my cousin Erica's house that she shared with her husband Rudy. I showered and got ready, too excited to sleep. They all left to go to the beach and I decided to stay behind because Nick called and said he and Kyle were on their way home from work. Erica had been babysitting Nick's daughter so Kyle was under the impression they were dropping by to pick her up. You cannot imagine the knots I had in my stomach, excitement and nervousness I was feeling all at once. I heard them pull up in the driveway in Nick's car, talk as they walked to the door, then knock. My heart was beating so fast! I answered the door and the first thing Kyle and I did was immediately hug. His response was, "I didn't know you were coming!" We hit it off, got along as well in person as we did over the phone, enjoyed each other's company, then had to say goodbye less than 24 hours later. 


We continued our long distance relationship through phone calls, text messages, skyping, and facebook. I was able to fly out and see Kyle again that September, taking vacation time from work. Then, in November, I flew out to see him one last time before he had to deploy to Afghanistan. At the beginning of his deployment, we weren't able to talk much. But, once he was a month or two into it, we were able to talk about once a week, which was nice. Then at the end of June 2012, he returned and my brother and I made the car trip out there to greet him home! We were able to spend two glorious weeks together and up to this point, that is the longest amount of time we've been able to spend in the same place physically at once. 


We are a great match and I feel like I've found my bestfriend, soul mate, and life partner in Kyle. We're looking forward to a long and happy life together.


You can read about the proposal in the proposal section of this Web site. :)

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